I have to be very honest, like, I was going so nuts on the dance floor, I wasn’t even looking [at Tom Hanks dancing]. So when that was going on, I was by myself dancing to This Is How We Do It, and throwing my own shapes. Yeah, so I wasn’t too aware that that went on. But I did find him during California Love - Tom Hanks - and have a bit of a boogie. But that was the only time. And that was only to say that I had a boogie with Tom Hanks… I’d rather, for the rest of my life, be like, ‘I danced to California Love with Forrest Gump,’ than say, like, ‘Oh yeah, I got a picture with him.’ You know? It’s a cooler story.
Ed Sheeran on the topic of Tom Hanks at Scooter and Yael’s wedding.  (via littlebitofbass)